We have again serviced hundreds of mountain users, including groups in the Eden District Southern Cape this past week.

On Saturday, one of our trackees called in to report that a member in their party had injured an ankle, and was unable to proceed any further. They were on the Contour Path above Kirstenbosch Gardens at the time.

Metro Rescue Control was alerted, who in turn activated the Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) for a response and recovery.

On arrival at the incident location, the patient’s ankle was immobilized, after which the person was assisted to a 4 X 4 vehicle and then transported to the exit of the gardens, after which the person was taken to a medical facility via private transport.

Later in the afternoon, a party we were tracking commenced their hike up the India Venster route. Shortly after they left the Contour Path, they met up with a party of three who reported seeing five men (who were not dressed as hikers) lying in some vynbos not too far up from their location.

They took the advice from the three males to turn around, and reported the matter to SafetyMountain as well. The TMNP Visitor Safety response unit was notified, together with the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway company. These and other parties were able to maintain visual contact with the suspicious five men, until they left the National Park, without incident.

On Sunday morning, a party that had checked in via SafetyMountain Tracking reported that there may be a possibility of  a missing elderly person who was for some reason separated from the group. Metro Rescue Control was immediately informed. Shortly afterwards, the party reported that the “lost” hiker was reunited with the party. The rescue services were then stood down.

Later on Sunday, a party that was being tracked on the Jonkershoek Mountains above Stellenbosch, reported that one of the members in their group was experiencing signs of being dehydrated.

The party was asked to stay put, while Metro Rescue Control was alerted. They then activated the Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) Winelands unit, who responded to the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. A field team was dispatched up the Kurktrekker Kloof route, which the party in difficulty were busy descending at the time of the incident.

On arrival, the patient was attended to, after which the party was then escorted down the kloof, and safely out of the reserve.

Thank you for continuing to make use of SafetyMountain Tracking, and well done to the rescuers, as well as our duty trackers for their efforts over the past week.

Be out and be safe.



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  1. Awesome work, and much appreciation, especially to all the volunteers at Hikers Network for making our lives a little safer.

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