The Lion’s Club of Kirstenbosch recently came to the aid of the Western Cape Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) unit. This they did under their Lion’s Alert responsibility, which is their disaster relief arm, whereby funds are raised in order to provide assistance in times of emergencies.

WSAR was handed R5000,00 worth of refreshment supplies for their volunteer rescue responders, in the form of Care And Support (CAS) packs.

These CAS packs contain the following:-

These are vital food and liquid supplements that will go a long way in providing the necessary sustenance to their crews, once they have returned from a rescue call. These members normally get back to the Incident Command vehicle (Metro 1) feeling very cold, thirsty, hungry and fatigued.

So, the handing over the of these CAS packs will most certainly be a welcomed by the volunteers.

Here the packs are being received by Andy Connell (left,the WSAR official responsible for the CAS rations). They are being handed over by the incoming President of the Lion’s club of Kirstenbosch, Phillip Bam (center), as well as the out going President of the Lion’s Club of Kirstenbosch, Sundru Pillay (right).

At this event, the Lion’s Club of Kirstenboch members were also treated to an excursion of the Western Cape department of Health Rescue base in Pinelands.

Well done to the members of the Lion’s Club of Kirstenbosch for this initiative, and we trust that these CAS packs will make some sort of a difference in the efforts and the ongoing success of WSAR, as well as to the patients that they serve.

Thank you very much to the members of the Lion’s Club of Kirstenbosch.




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