The Hikers Network would like to wish the Western Province Mountain Club (WPMC) well on their 50th anniversary of existence.

They have always been a club that is open to all, despite the harsh system of apartheid that has plagued our country in so many ways.

They have a hut on Table Mountain which is situated in Ash Valley above Kirstenbosch.

The official name of their hut is the Domminisie Hut, and this name in itself has it’s own history.


In the past, this used to be the Scout Hut, that was before they relocated to another hut on the Back Table.

Well done on this achievement of yours WPMC, and we trust that your club will be around for many more years to come.

From the Hikers Network, it’ members and affiliates.



2 thoughts on “WPMC turns 50!

  1. Thanks for your felicitations Anwaaz. Will carry over your message to our members. Regards.
    Stephen Fortuin – WPMC Chairperson .

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