For various reasons, K9s should be on a leash while they are accompanying you on your mountain hikes. When a dog wanders off on its own:

– They could get lost and die

– They could be bitten by an insect, spider, scorpion or a snake

– Running off path could result in your dog go over an edge, or end up being stuck on a ledge

– In the event of a dog being lost or injured, a Search and Rescue mission may have to be launched, and this will involve resources that are already stretched and under pressure.

– Your dog could end up being attacked by another “unsocial” of leash dog, and things could get ugly too.

– In certain cases, K9 diseases could be transferred to the indigenous fauna. As it is, our baboon population has already been affected by the transfer of human diseases to them. People swimming with dolphins should also be discouraged, for the same reason.

– “Off the leash” dogs also adds to erosion

– Not everyone likes dogs

Please note that TMNP has introduced the system of Activity Cards, to be used for dog walking in the areas under their control. Please click here for more information

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