The past week was a busy one, during which hundreds of outdoor users were tracked and a number of incidents were reported.

On Tuesday evening, a regular hiker, Kosta from Lion500, reported an injured hiker just below the summit.  We put him in touch with Metro Rescue Control, who activated a response. Thank you, Kosta, for being at hand and assisting with these three mountain calls in less than 24 hours.

On Thursday evening, a party who was being tracked reported that they had seen some  “suspicious” men who were hiding, off the path. The authorities were notified. No further details are at hand.

On Saturday morning, a group who had checked in earlier alerted us to an incident where a member in their party had fallen and was badly injured. The Metro Rescue Control call centre (021 9370300) was notified, and they subsequently activated the Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR), including some of our volunteers, for an immediate response. It was decided that a helicopter evacuation was best.

During this rescue, another call came in for a dehydrated patient. WSAR crews, including our own volunteers, was again activated.

We wish the injured hikers a speedy recovery, and we would like to thank our racking and search & rescue volunteers for a job well done.

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