Safety Tracking is free for all outdoor users, and this is how you can make use of the system:

1) Complete the form below to register.

2)  You will then be loaded onto one of our WhatsApp groups.

3)  On the day of your excursion, please post the following , just before you commence:-

  • current time
  • number of pax
  • your start and finish points
  • your intended route
  • an alternate number of any other pax in your group
  • your ETA

4)  One of our volunteer trackers will acknowledge your post.

5) Off you go.

6) At regular/hourly intervals, you are required to update re your progress.

7) When you are done, please post “SOM” (Safely Off the Mountain)



  1. Please familiarize yourself with the “Drop Pin” function on your phone. This is how:-

Click on the “paper clip” icon.

Then click on “Location”.

Wait for about 10 seconds for your accuracy to be more precise.

When your accuracy is below 15 meters, click on the “send” button.

This can be used with ease to register a position, so that:-

  1. we have an idea of your location should you require assistance,
  2. it could be used when reporting any suspicious behavior of other persons,
  3. to mark a location of a tree or boulder blocking the path,
  4. to pin point areas of erosion or a landslide

2) Please monitor your phone as often as you can, so that you are aware of any warning messages that may be posted. You may be in a position to aid anther hiker, if you are close by.

Thank you, and please promote this service.

The tracking team


Please click       here       for how this initiative came about.


Mountain tweets could save your life
capetimes /09 May 2013 at 11:12am

Caryn Dolley

IF YOU get lost on a mountain in the Western Cape, a simple cellphone message or tweet could help you find your way back.

Two skilled mountain users, one of them a Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR) member, have set up a tracking system to monitor hikers and other mountain users via cellphone and Twitter.

Yesterday Anwaaz Bent, WSAR member and convener of a group named Hikers Network, said a number of hiking groups had been making use of the system.

Bent said he had worked on the idea of tracking mountain users via cellphones to boost their safety and Tim Lundy, the son of hiking book author Mike Lundy, had agreed to work with him.

Mountain users who were on Twitter could tweet Bent, under the handle @SafetyMountain, and Lundy, @hikingcapetown, about where they planned to hike, their starting point and time and progress made.

The messaging service Whatsapp could also be used to keep in touch with Lundy.

Bent explained that hikers who felt unsure of their way could take a photograph of the scene on their cellphone and send it to Lundy.

He and Lundy could then work out where the hiker was and give advice aboutthe safest path to take.

At the moment nearly 600 people were following the @SafetyMountain account. He planned to approach authorities in the hope that someone could be stationed at a control centre to track users.

About a month ago a follower had tweeted @SafetyMountain about hearing a woman screaming. It was found that a woman was stuck on a ledge on Table Mountain and she was airlifted to safety.

Bent may be contacted on @SafetyMountain and Lundy on @hikingcapetown.

Reference: http://www.iol.co.za/capetimes/mountain-tweets-could-save-your-life-1513039

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