SafetyMountain Tracking by The Hikers Network is a WhatsApp-based service that tracks hikers and other mountain users (runners, cyclists, etc) on their adventures – giving them instant access to assistance in case of an emergency (injury, sudden illness, rockfall, getting lost, crime).

SafetyMountain Tracking is manned by volunteer trackers, many of whom are Search & Rescue volunteers, who are connected to all relevant emergency services (police, Sanparks, wilderness search & rescue, fire services, etc). They will take immediate action when a user reports a problem.

How it works

After subscribing via the form below, hikers and mountain users are added to one of our eight WhatsApp groups that are monitored by volunteer trackers.

The idea is to check in at the beginning of your hike, providing trackers vital hike details including the number of people your start and finish points, your departure point (or a drop pin), your chosen route up, your intended route down, and when you think you’ll be back at your departure point (ETA). For example: “4 pax from Lower Cable Car station, India Venster Up, Platteklip down, ETA 2.30pm.” 

Hikers are urged to brief trackers should their route or ETA change. Finally, when you are done, let he trackers know that you are “Safely Off the Mountain”.

General guidelines:

– We ask all users to restrict their posts to tracking-related messages, including check-ins, updates (if necessary), and check-outs.
– No chatting, commenting, advertising, images, or jokes
– Please pay attention when posting so that you don’t accidentally post confidential and/or potentially embarrassing personal information to the entire group!
– If you find yourself in any sort of emergency, your first point of contact will be your tracking group. After notifying your group, you will be redirected to our Incidents group.  

If you encounter an emergency, please let your tracking group know as soon as possible, giving them as much information as you can. Emergency assistance will be called in.

If a hiker fails to check out, volunteers will first try to contact him/her to see if his or her group is okay. If the hiker doesn’t respond, his or her emergency contacts are contacted. If that doesn’t work, a search party may be deployed.

To sign up:

Please fill in the form below and we will add you to one of our Tracking Groups. If you encounter a problem with signing up, please contact us straight away.

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