Care And Support (CAS)


is a volunteer service provider for the Western Cape Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) unit.

When our volunteer rescuers respond to people who are in need of medical and or rescue assistance, they often are out battling the elements for extended periods of time, while going into potentially life threatening situations, in order to bring patients to safety.

They will often return suffering from some of the following:-

  • exhaustion
  • hunger
  • thirst
  • cold
  • wet
  • heat
  • dehydration
  • hypothermia
  • fatigue
  • injury
  • mental and or physical trauma

and so on, . . .  as a direct result of the mission. Then they still have to repack and take stock of the equipment used, have a debrief re the rescue, while often having to fend off the press and onlookers, . . . before they can make their way back home to their loved ones.


Please click here >       Sponsor flyer       < for more information.

These CAS packs, including the dedicated packaging, costs about  R200,00 to make up. They do provide some sustenance and comfort to the volunteers.

This is what it contains:-

Should you, any business or charity be in a position to sponsor the making up of these CAS packs, please use the contact details on the flyer, or click here for >     donor support information      < to assist.

Thank you




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