14 May 2016

This 2nd hike of Nurses Who Care Enviro Hiking Club was a very special one as it coincided with the commemoration of International Nurses Day. 71 nurses, friends and family arrived for the hike including 2 photographers to capture the magical moment.

Preceding the hike, Metro 1 and Hikers Network Rescue Team members Mark, Steven, Ivor, Anwaaz, Alida, Johan, Shamiel, Koebra and the on-duty paramedic, demonstrated the rescue of an injured patient and the orientation of Metro 1.

The hike then commenced at 10 am from the steps at Kloofnek Road. The briefing and mountain safety measures was done by myself. When we started, clouds and mist were rolling in, and lifted temporarily for the nurses to appreciate the wonderful views of the Atlantic Coast, Lion’s Head and the Twelve Apostles.

Anwaaz gave a brief history of the Pipe Track route which was built in 1887 to bring water from the back table through the mountain via the Woodhead tunnel to Slangolie Ravine. The first part of the Pipe Track is the blockhouse aqueduct, and pointed out that the water treatment plant was built in 1938. By the time we reached Blinkwater and Fountain Ravine, the mist that was compromising safety and we turned back on the same route. Back at the beginning of the route we were treated to freebies and Coke. Volene and Anwaaz gave the debriefing and thanks.

Submitted by: Koebra

Hike oversight: Anwaaz Bent

Hike leader(s): Koebra,



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