Towards the end of 2015, The Hikers Network initiated the Hiking Club wing of the Network. For many years The Hikers Network purely facilitated hiking groups and shared information while growing the Outdoor Network through its core functions, which is Mountain Rescue and Mountain Safety & Tracking.

The Enviro Hiking program forms part of developing local communities by giving them ownership as they develop their own hiking club with the fundamental support and training provided by The Hikers Network. The leaders of groups from Bonteheuwel, Mitchell’s Plain and now the Nurses Who Care, are being trained and guided to eventually take their groups safely on hikes and in turn share and educate hikers about the enjoyment of hiking while remaining safe. We regard this model as a sustainable solution for expanding the “philosophy” to more communities. These groups remain under the umbrella of The Hikers Network as we provide the support and share our knowledge and experience with them.

All these resources form part of the support hub for the newly formed Hiking Club. The Hiking Club as grown tremendously fast in the space of only a few months. We like to call it a hiking family, because the club caters for everyone, and have had the pleasure of a diverse group of people joining hikes – as diverse as the very fynbos we trek through! The key to this successful growth, we believe, is good leadership and not thrill seeking! Years of mountain rescues, trail planning and working together as a network shaped our leadership while safety remains top priority.

The emphasis of the Hiking Club is on family and we are breakiing ground with our aim of promoting hiking as a lifestyle for families, nurturing beginners young and old, by harnessing the skills and experience of seasoned hikers. Our aim is to encourage those who previously thought they cannot hike and/or that the mountains are not for them by showing them how hiking can change their lives, you just have start at the beginning, just like we had to.

We are not “Peak Baggers”, we enjoy taking in the views, while educating hikers about the environment they are in. When we eventually climb those peaks, we enjoy the sense achievement. We encourage development and sharing. Our volunteers are only too happy to share. The last few months of activity as proven just how contageous the power and healing of nature can be.

The main focus or mission if you like of The Hikers Network is: COMMUNITY with strong emphasis on mountain safety, training and environmental education.

The pictures in the gallery says it all, and we wish Hiking families and individuals that joined well on future “missions”.

Please take a moment to browse through the rest of the website – you will also find information on how to get involved if you so wish.


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karen · June 9, 2016 at 9:21 pm

Hi your site looks amazing would like to get more info please?

karen · June 9, 2016 at 9:32 pm

Hi this is an amazing site please send me more onfo

Desiree · March 30, 2017 at 4:28 pm

Hello there
I was an avid hiker in my younger days , in the Port Elizabeth area where i resided at that time. I would like to hike on a regular basis again, and also introduce my grandsons 5yrs and 10 yrs old to this wonderful pastime. We live in the Durbanville Kuilsriver area .

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