About us

The Hikers Network in Cape Town was established in 1999 with the objective of creating a diverse and vibrant hiking community in and around the Mother City.

Since our inception, we have grown from strength to strength, incorporating various hiking groups. Our membership is as diverse as our country, featuring a dynamic mix of people from all communities, ages, and backgrounds.

Hikers Network Search & Rescue unit

The Hikers Network also has a Mountain Search & Rescue unit that is affiliated to the Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR). Manned by dozens of volunteers, our team falls under the command of the Western Cape Department of Health Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  Our volunteers -mountaineers, climbers, cavers, surf lifesavers and trail runners – are there to assist EMS in their work and help in searches for lost and injured hikers. We are on standby 24/7, regardless of the weather.

Our volunteers are active and committed members of society, steered by a strong management team. They undergo routine training to keep their skills base current.

SafetyMountain Tracking App

Besides that, we have given way to our WhatsApp-based SafetyMountain Tracking service which allows our volunteer trackers (many of whom are Wilderness Search & Rescue volunteers) to rack mountain journeys on their adventures and take immediate action in case one of our users reports an emergency (injury, illness, snake bite, rock fall, crime, etc). Our service is 100% free of charge, easy to use and very popular: we currently have over 2500 users. 

Community development

Our Enviro-Hiking Program is dedicated to getting members of vulnerable communities into nature. We have trained leaders in areas such as Bonteheuwel, Mitchells Plain, Belhar, Blackheath and Delft, giving them the opportunity to take their fellow community members on the mountains. Our objective: creating environmental and mountain safety awareness whilst nurturing a passion for the outdoors by getting young people off the streets and out into nature.

Please support us! We are a registered (189-422) Not For Profit Organisation in South Africa and to being able to do our work – from community development activities to search & rescue training – we raise funds via various initiatives. Your help is welcome! Should you wish to support us, please find our banking details: The Hikers Network / First National Bank / 62512072216 (cheque/ branch  code 201511)

Get in touch with us

Anwaaz: +27 81 763 9025  anwaaz@hikersnetwork.co.za

Khalid: +72 82 452 4152  khalid@hikersnetwork.co.za

Ayesha: + 27 60 503 7525  ayeshachogle@gmail.com