ISBNPA2016 Conference on a hike


On June 8th, The Hikers Network Rescue unit guided delegates from the ISBNPA2016 Conference, on a hike up Lion’s Head.

Cape Town is hosting the 15th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity.

After a safety briefing by HNR rescue member and leader Anwaaz Bent, 22 delegates started the hike. Clint September and Garnet Christians, both leaders of Ubuntu Hiking and HNR members, were on hand to assist in sweeping and oversight of the group. The group was also logged into The Hikers Network Tracking System for added safety.


At re-group points, the visitors were given brief summaries about the natural history of Table Mountain and its unique World Heritage status. Along the way, we overheard the visiting hikers engage in topical discussions and it was clear to us they were in awe of our City and Table Mountain.

The excitement was audible as we summited Lion’s Head. Who can blame them, 360° views, with Table Mountain taking centre stage. We are so proud and appreciative to be living in Cape Town and being able to share its splendour with the delegates. After a good break and taking in the views, we headed down again.

We would like to thank the conference organisers for entrusting their delegates to Hikers Network Rescue. A big thank you to team members Clint September and Garnet Christians of Ubuntu Hiking Club for assisting HNR.

The Hikers Network stays committed to mountain safety, development and education, while being ambassadors of the Cape Community.

Anwaaz Bent / Operations Hikers Network


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Phenomenal growth of Hiking Club division

Towards the end of 2015, The Hikers Network initiated the Hiking Club wing of the Network. For many years The Hikers Network purely facilitated hiking groups and shared information while growing the Outdoor Network through its core functions, which is Mountain Rescue and Mountain Safety & Tracking.

The Enviro Hiking program forms part of developing local communities by giving them ownership as they develop their own hiking club with the fundamental support and training provided by The Hikers Network. The leaders of groups from Bonteheuwel, Mitchell’s Plain and now the Nurses Who Care, are being trained and guided to eventually take their groups safely on hikes and in turn share and educate hikers about the enjoyment of hiking while remaining safe. We regard this model as a sustainable solution for expanding the “philosophy” to more communities. These groups remain under the umbrella of The Hikers Network as we provide the support and share our knowledge and experience with them. Continue reading

Orange Kloof – 29/05/2016

Orange Kloof – 29/05/2016

This hike starts at Constantia Nek and is included in the Hoerikwaggo Table Mountain Trail. You will require a permit and a guide for this trail. Vegetation is incredibly dense.

Once inside the ancient Afromontane forest you are completely isolated and it looks and feels like you are in a different world. Michael Wilcox shared with us his wealth of knowledge about the area, from flowers and trees to frogs. The path leads up to the break pressure tank were the water gets filtered.

The pools and waterfalls is a sight to behold, too beautiful for words as they cascade like soft snow balls down the each level below.

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Pipe Track Hike – Nurses Who Care Enviro Hiking Club – 14 May 2016

14 May 2016

This 2nd hike of Nurses Who Care Enviro Hiking Club was a very special one as it coincided with the commemoration of International Nurses Day. 71 nurses, friends and family arrived for the hike including 2 photographers to capture the magical moment.

Preceding the hike, Metro 1 and Hikers Network Rescue Team members Mark, Steven, Ivor, Anwaaz, Alida, Johan, Shamiel, Koebra and the on-duty paramedic, demonstrated the rescue of an injured patient and the orientation of Metro 1.

The hike then commenced at 10 am from the steps at Kloofnek Road. The briefing and mountain safety measures was done by myself. When we started, clouds and mist were rolling in, and lifted temporarily for the nurses to appreciate the wonderful views of the Atlantic Coast, Lion’s Head and the Twelve Apostles.

Anwaaz gave a brief history of the Pipe Track route which was built in 1887 to bring water from the back table through the mountain via the Woodhead tunnel to Slangolie Ravine. The first part of the Pipe Track is the blockhouse aqueduct, and pointed out that the water treatment plant was built in 1938. By the time we reached Blinkwater and Fountain Ravine, the mist that was compromising safety and we turned back on the same route. Back at the beginning of the route we were treated to freebies and Coke. Volene and Anwaaz gave the debriefing and thanks.

Submitted by: Koebra

Hike oversight: Anwaaz Bent

Hike leader(s): Koebra,


Tranquility Cracks

Tranquility Cracks via Corridor Ravine

Tranquility Cracks – 30 April 2016

It was a cold but beautiful Saturday morning and even with dramatic weather predictions, we were all at the meeting point bright and early. Our team leader, Anwaaz Bent, would have cancelled our hike for safety reasons if it had started raining. Fortunately the weather turned out to be perfect for hiking.

We met on Theresa Avenue in Camps Bay and set off along the Pipe Track, the same start as for the route to the Valley of The Red Gods via Kasteelspoort.

We passed Slangolie Ravine, and on the way to Corridor Ravine, we were shown a dark and rather narrow cave for the brave-hearts to explore – not being one I stayed clear! We even had an unexpected, nice cold shower from the waterfall on our way to Tranquility Cracks.

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Tea at Silverstream Ravine

Family hike 24.04.2016
Did you know that Table Mountain is 7 times older than the Himalayers?

Being one of the 7 wonders of the world , it is easy to get totally lost in the beauty of this Majestic Table Mountain. And one can quickly run-out of superlatives to describe her essence .


On Sunday the 24th of April 2016, members and guests of the Hikers Network Hiking Club embarked on an easy hike up Silverstream Ravine.  We spoilt by the veiws and the smells of the  of the wilderness and nature surrounding us.
We were led by Anwaaz bent who was feeding us with important information about how we should respect the mountain and preserve the fauna and floral for posterity.

For we all know , nature is not to be taken granted and it’s ours to look after, for the sake of our future generations.
We started off from Tafelberg road, and then climbed towards Devil’s Peak.  The signs will indicate the contour path From here on, the hike was mostly flat and effortless.


We were rewarded with splendid views of a waterfall , and here the group chose to rest for a snack, and  to take pictures as well.

What a rewarding and satisfying day out on Table Mountain.


Field Training for Leaders and Rescue

Hikers Network did Hike leader training in the Porcupine ravine area and Diagonal route on Table Mountain. .The training included group management on steep group and a rescue scenario fractured ankle calling for help and team delegation. Preparing for rescue and how to manage the rest of the group in the event of such an incident..Field Navigation and route finding was also part of it and group delegation and tasks..The purpose of the training is to keep the leader skills a team work to a good standard for our many events Enviro Hiking and Rescue our members joined CPSS on on Caving Event in the Kalk Bay mountains.



..meanwhile member went on a Recce at Karbonkelberg area ..We head out that way soon for a hike ..Our Tracking Volunteers remained busy with record numbers checking in both last weekend and this week. .Our Mountain Rescue team has not been activated over this weekend and that is good news. .hope I am not talking too soon





The Hikers Network ..Please have a look at what we do and join if you wish our services are free



Tim Lundy launches his book.


After years in the making, Tim Lundy has launched his new book “Family Walks in Cape Town”.

Tim is an avid outdoors person, and is no stranger to to nature either.

He is also a professional guide, a mountain rescue volunteer with the Hikers Network and a businessman. Not to mention a husband and dad as well.

At the launch he told us about the journey re this book of his, and how proud he is to have his name up on the bookshelves of stores, and of homes too.

Tim is the youngest son of Mike Lundy, the renowned outdoor and hiking author, who has over the years opened up many a mind, and many a way, for nature lovers, hikers and people who would like to get out there.

This book is of a good quality, with very nice colour photographs, which were all taken by Tim.

It is also very easy to read and follow, including detailed diagrams and maps too. The book which is available at the leading book shops at R160,00,  is real value for money.

It makes for a nice gift, so please stock up.


Hikers Network




Foreigner traces her helper.

On Sunday the 27th of March 2016, Jeonghwa, a female visitor from Korea, set out on an excursion to Table Mountain Cape Town.

The Hikers Network Hiking Club,   who had “checked in” via the free  @Safetymountain tracking  service, was engaged in an outreach hike up Platteklip Gorge on the morning as well. About half way up the gorge, these members came across Jeonghwa, who was in many ways, not prepared for her outing, as she was struggling to make her way down the gorge.

She did not have the appropriate clothing, and no water or snacks either.


Another club member, Anwaaz Bent, who was walking on the contour path lower down, with his two year old son, was alerted to the situation when he monitored the communication on the tracking system, after the club had reported their encounter to the tracking group.  He contacted Metro Rescue control to report the situation, and they advised him to escort Jeonghwa down the mountain to the safety of Tafelberg road.  Anwaaz then made his way up the gorge to meet up with the visitor. The control center kept in touch with him so that the condition of the visitor could be monitored, in case a rescue response was required.

Jeonghwa had by this time exposed herself to the elements for an extended period of time. She set off from the city center on foot, and made her way to the top of Platteklip Gorge. She then made her way down again, and that is when the club met up with her.

She took this picture of Anwaaz,



and after she was safely returned to her accommodation by him, they parted ways.

Anwaaz updated Metro Rescue control who was pleased that a possible rescue call out had been averted.

It was then that Jeonghwa understood the situation that she had put herself in, and after leaving the country, she tried to trace Anwaaz.

Here is here story,


Well done to the Hikers Network Hiking Club members, and we are also pleased that Jeonghwa managed to reach the safety of he accommodation.

Lets keep on sharing and caring.

The Hikers Network.