It is with great sadness that we learn of more mugging incidents in our mountains.

This is an ongoing trend, and the Hikers Network would like to convey our support and well wishes to all those who have experienced these unfortunate infringements on their privacy while enjoying the outdoors.

The recent violent attacks on Noordhoek Beach and Kalk Bay mountains have left more questions than answers as to how this trend will change.

None of the members of the Hikers Network have suffered as a result of such crime recently, however, they have in the past been subject to having their bags and equipment stolen while out climbing, as well as having their vehicles broken into while responding to mountain rescue calls.

We strive to engage with the other user groups in the outdoor fraternity, as well as with the authorities and NGOs who work in this field.

It is very unfortunate that the public and outdoor users are more and more having to look behind their backs when hiking in our mountains, which is supposed to be a sacred place for us all to enjoy.

We wish that the latest victims will have a speedy recovery, and that the wrongdoers are brought to book.

Please continue to make use of our         SafetyMountain         Tracking service.

Be out and be safe.


4 thoughts on “Mugging incidents on the mountain

  1. I would like to see the introdution of drone patrols on the mountain. Drones can cover great distances and can be programed to track paths and patrol hot spots. They are economical, an excelent detrant and can be deployed quickly and used to asses a situation and identify perpetrators. One of the biggest obstacles at the moment to combatting attacks on the mountain is SANParks. They are in denial about the extent of the problem. Pressure needs to be put on them to accept resposibility for park users and allocate resources to the problem. At present they enjoy a large revenue stream from entrance fees to the mountain of which only a portion gets allocated back for the local budget.

  2. Hi there! I was fortunate enough to complete a hike with the Hikers’ Network Hiking Club on Sunday, when we “did Chappies”. I have written a story about my experience. Would I be able to share it on this forum? Thank you!

  3. Dear Kelly,

    This Blog site is for articles and reports of the Hikers Network.

    You are most welcome to share your experience on our Facebook group, “The Hikers Network ZA”.

    Kind regards
    Michael Wilcox

  4. Dear Rodney,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The newly formed Table Mountain Security Action Group (TMSAG) is collaborating with the authorities.
    The use of drones is one of the topics being entertained by them, we believe.


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