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We are often asked how people should use our SafetyMountain Tracking Whatsapp-based service to the best of their advantage. To make it easier for everyone, here are some tips, guidelines, dos and don’ts:

  • Check in at the start of your hike by informing your trackers what your departure point is, where you are going, with how many people you are and what time you think you will be back. Example: “4 pax, starting from the Lower Cable Car Station, India Venster Up, Platteklip down, ETA 2pm“. 
  • This information is not use to spy on you or invade your privacy. This information helps our trackers and potential search party to narrow down your location should you be in trouble (should you not check out due to an emergency)
  • Update your group on your progress, particularly if you are hiking a technical route: example: “Check-in: reached the top of Kloofcorner Ridge. Will head down India after a break”
  • Update your group when you are running late: example: “Revised ETA, 3pm
  • Check out when you are done. Example: “Safe off the mountain, thanks for tracking”
  • If you find yourself in any sort of emergency, your first point of contact will be your tracking group. After notifying your group, you will be redirected to our Incidents group.
  • Please report any fallen trees, rockfall, cars that have been broken into, other injured hikers, suspicious individuals, fires and other calamities to the group. Please use the drop pin function to log the incident’s exact location. 
  • TIP:mute your Tracking Group if you don’t want to be bothered by the messages. 

Dont’s: Please restrict your posts to tracking-related messages such as check-ins, updates (if necessary), and check-outs:

  • No chatting, commenting, advertising, images, or jokes
  • No derogatory, racist, sexist, or otherwise harmful comments
  • Please pay attention when posting so that you don’t accidentally post confidential and/or potentially embarrassing personal information to the entire group!

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