On June 8th, The Hikers Network Rescue unit guided delegates from the ISBNPA2016 Conference, on a hike up Lion’s Head.

Cape Town is hosting the 15th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity.

After a safety briefing by HNR rescue member and leader Anwaaz Bent, 22 delegates started the hike. Clint September and Garnet Christians, both leaders of Ubuntu Hiking and HNR members, were on hand to assist in sweeping and oversight of the group. The group was also logged into The Hikers Network Tracking System for added safety.


At re-group points, the visitors were given brief summaries about the natural history of Table Mountain and its unique World Heritage status. Along the way, we overheard the visiting hikers engage in topical discussions and it was clear to us they were in awe of our City and Table Mountain.

The excitement was audible as we summited Lion’s Head. Who can blame them, 360° views, with Table Mountain taking centre stage. We are so proud and appreciative to be living in Cape Town and being able to share its splendour with the delegates. After a good break and taking in the views, we headed down again.

We would like to thank the conference organisers for entrusting their delegates to Hikers Network Rescue. A big thank you to team members Clint September and Garnet Christians of Ubuntu Hiking Club for assisting HNR.

The Hikers Network stays committed to mountain safety, development and education, while being ambassadors of the Cape Community.

Anwaaz Bent / Operations Hikers Network


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