The Hikers Network is more than a hiking club. Above everything, we are a  family made up of mountain lovers from all walks of life who are dedicating their skills and time to serving mountain users like yourself. Some are trackers, others rescue volunteers. We have a few hiking leaders too! From time to time, we will introduce some of these fantastic volunteers to you. This week: Yusuf Samaai (36) from the Bo-Kaap, one of our hiking leaders in training! 

What is your role within The Hikers Network?
As a hiking leader in training, I assist in terms of safety on the trail by sweeping our hiking groups. I do a head count before a group sets off and check in with SafetyMountain Tracking before moving all the way to the back. This ensures no one is left behind. I also report any injuries and other problems to the group’s leader. My alternative role is scouting ahead of the pack, checking for possible threats such as snakes and reporting back to the group leader. 

When and why did you join The Hikers Network?
January 2018

What does hiking mean to you? 
Hiking means escaping into the tranquility of nature whilst getting an opportunity to meet people who are similarly inclined.

What equipment is most important to you? 
My boots! I have had bad experiences with inadequate footwear when I started hiking years back. I’ve learned that it all starts with comfortably protected feet!

What is your favourite trail and why? 
It’s hard to choose but Nursery Ravine stands out because of the density of the foliage and the sound of the stream flowing

What are your best hiking safety tips to help prevent emergencies (injury, dehydration, crime, etc) 

  1. Always let someone know what route you are taking as well your estimated time on the trail.  
  2. Never hike alone
  3. Leave absolutely nothing in your vehicle because a thief will break your window even for an empty bag or a cheap clothing
  4. Carry more water than you expect to use – and ration it, particularly on hot days!

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