Hikers Network couldn’t exist without its army of volunteers – mountain lovers from all walks of life are spending their spare time (and not so spare time) to make the surrounding mountains a better place for all. Some of our volunteers are trackers, others are rescue volunteers or serve as hiking and youth leaders We want to introduce you to them, to put a name to the face. This week: Thouwybah Phillips from Pelican Heights, also known as Waybah. She plays an indispensable role in our Hikers Network Junior Hiking Club.

What do you do within The Hikers Network?
I am a leader or assistant leader with our youth hiking club. I am passionate about youth development and showing kids a different side to life through hiking.

When and why did you join The Hikers Network?
I joined in 2016 for security reasons. Hiking in groups is safer. This was the only hiking club in Cape Town that catered for parents with small children. My son was 4 years old when I joined. 

What is your most treasured and important piece of equipment ? 
My bag as it carries everything I need

What is your favourite trail and why? 
Orangekloof on Table Mountain as it offers a bit of everything: rivers, rock hopping, and forests 

What are your best hiking safety tips to help prevent emergencies (injury, dehydration, crime, etc) 

  1. Always carry enough water
  2. Always carry a medical kit
  3. Assume nothing and prepare for anything

Anything else you would like to mention?
I would like to nominate Conrad George for a mention. He is one of our most dedicated leaders, a very patient and caring man, and someone that probably knows every leaf and twig in Newlands Forest. Conrad is an inspiration to many of us.

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