The Hikers Network is more than just a hiking club from Cape Town. Above everything, we are a  family made up of mountain lovers from all walks of life who choose to dedicate their skills and time to serving mountain users like yourself. Some are trackers, others are rescue volunteers or serve as hiking and youth leaders From time to time, we will be introducing some of our fantastic volunteers to you. This week: Annabelle-Linda Gertze. She is a hike leader as well as a team leader for Bishop Lavis Enviro Hiking Club and a SafetyMountain Tracking  trainee!

What do you do within The Hikers Network?
I lead hikes, assist other leaders on hikes, help out in terms of training leaders of the BLEHC, run enviro programmes with Bishop Lavis learners (including recycling projects, beach cleanups as well as basic first aid training and environmental education), and train learners to become youth leaders withing BLEHC and the Hikers Network. I also maintain and manage the Hikers Network hiking calendar

When and why did you join The Hikers Network?
I joined in 2017. I have been hiking from a young age with friends, family and colleagues. I tried a few hiking groups but then I saw a Facebook link of Hikers Network. I subsequently decided to join the Five Dams hike on Table Mountain and never felt the need to look for another hiking group again. The rest is history!

What does hiking mean to you? 
Peace of mind, body and soul. Be one with nature. Be closer to your maker. Respect and appreciate His creations

What is your most treasured and important piece of equipment ? 
My water reservoir or bladder as it’s commonly known. It easily stores 3literss of water, is convenient to use, and takes away the need for bottles.

What is your favourite trail and why? 
Any trail with water! 22 Waterfalls, De Hell in Groot Winterhoek, Crystal Pools, Kromrivier – to name a few.

What are your best hiking safety tips to help prevent emergencies (injury, dehydration, crime, etc) 

  1. Never hike alone and hike in a group.
  2. Always carry enough food and water.
  3. Do a basic first aid course and carry a first aid kit for emergencies.
  4. Carry a map and whistle
  5. Familiarize yourself with the trails and surrounds.
  6. Be alert, be vigilant, be prepared.

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Ghannaan · November 6, 2018 at 10:11 am

Thank you for your outstanding work and the care you give to others. May you go from strength to strength.

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