Hikers Network Hiking Club

• All hikes are free of charge, although donations are always welcome.

• Please check the grading and duration of the listed hiking route that you intend joining.

• Please RSVP to the designated Hike Leader and Co-ordinator of the Hikers Network Hiking Club.

• Arrive well before the stipulated departure time – delays can cause complications.

• Any medical conditions should be relayed to the hike leader in private.

• Each hiker will be required to sign the register at the beginning and end of each hike.

• Hikers will be required to adhere to the basic safety rules of hiking.

• We ask that hikers at all times respect and execute the instructions given by hike leaders.

• Please, no smoking before or during the hike, or while the debrief debriefed is in progress.

• No littering or defacing of the environment will be tolerated.

• No picking of flowers.

• For safety reasons, nobody may leave the group early.

We hike as a team, we stick together from start to finish, and we leave no trace behind – only our footprints.

Basic necessities for each hike

Carry a backpack with the following:

• At least 2 liters of water

• Snacks (include something salty as well as sweet)

• Fully charged cellphone

• Litter Bag for all waste, including fruit peels and stalks.

• Rainwear and warm clothing – weather can change unexpectedly.

• Whistle