As large wildfires continue to cause havoc on the Garden Route, we are being inundated with questions from hikers about the state of the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma hiking trails, as well as the Otter trail. After asking around and doing some research, this is what we found thus far:

  • All hiking trails in the Outeniqua mountain range are and will remain closed until further notice. This has been confirmed by CapeNature (29 October 2018).
  • CapeNature requests the public to refrain from recreational hiking in the area today and over the next few days (30 October 2018).
  • The Otter trail is no affected by fires, but is assessed daily to decide on the impact of smoke inhalation on hikers.
  • Visitors in the Storms River Rest Camp in the Tsitsikamma were completely safe from the wild fires, but no visitors were allowed to enter or leave the park as all access roads were affected by the fires
  • For updates, contact CapeNature, follow any updates on their website,  or check their Facebook page and Twitter account.

Members of the public who want to donate towards the firefighting efforts: please deliver any donations to the George Fire Brigade at Mitchell Street, behind Outeniqua Primary School. The following is needed:

  • Smaller bottles of water (not 5L) for the firefighters
  • Juices  and Energades
  • Lip ice and vaseline
  • Wet wipes
  • Rehydrate
  • Chocolates, energy bars, bar ones, snackl bars, etc
  • Meals, sandwiches, etc

Financial donations to be made to George Municipality bank account:
Bank: ABSA / Account (Cheque) Number: 01022220981 / Branch Code: 632005/ SWIFT CODE: ABSAZAJJCPE / SORTCODE 632005. Email : Reference : Fire/Disaster

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