On Sunday the 27th of March 2016, Jeonghwa, a female visitor from Korea, set out on an excursion to Table Mountain Cape Town.

The Hikers Network Hiking Club,   who had “checked in” via the free  @Safetymountain tracking  service, was engaged in an outreach hike up Platteklip Gorge on the morning as well. About half way up the gorge, these members came across Jeonghwa, who was in many ways, not prepared for her outing, as she was struggling to make her way down the gorge.

She did not have the appropriate clothing, and no water or snacks either.


Another club member, Anwaaz Bent, who was walking on the contour path lower down, with his two year old son, was alerted to the situation when he monitored the communication on the tracking system, after the club had reported their encounter to the tracking group.  He contacted Metro Rescue control to report the situation, and they advised him to escort Jeonghwa down the mountain to the safety of Tafelberg road.  Anwaaz then made his way up the gorge to meet up with the visitor. The control center kept in touch with him so that the condition of the visitor could be monitored, in case a rescue response was required.

Jeonghwa had by this time exposed herself to the elements for an extended period of time. She set off from the city center on foot, and made her way to the top of Platteklip Gorge. She then made her way down again, and that is when the club met up with her.

She took this picture of Anwaaz,



and after she was safely returned to her accommodation by him, they parted ways.

Anwaaz updated Metro Rescue control who was pleased that a possible rescue call out had been averted.

It was then that Jeonghwa understood the situation that she had put herself in, and after leaving the country, she tried to trace Anwaaz.

Here is here story,


Well done to the Hikers Network Hiking Club members, and we are also pleased that Jeonghwa managed to reach the safety of he accommodation.

Lets keep on sharing and caring.

The Hikers Network.








5 thoughts on “Foreigner traces her helper.

  1. Kudos Anwaaz! Your dedication and passion for your work is truly inspiring. You are an amazing RoadAngel

  2. Yeah Chief,Areas you are indeed an Angel of Table Mountain.My Belgian Babes Eline Peuskens and Margo Baumens’ Mom will be forever grateful for the safe tracking of the two of them while doing Skeleton Gorge.Safely back in Belgium and forever grateful for The #HNHC @SafetyMountain the most safest way to contact before you undertake your memorable hike up TableMountain. BE SAFE THAN SORRY make use of @safetymountain!

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