There was some very good news coming from Lion’s Head this week! On Thursday 10 January 2018 Adrienne Cedella Brown embarked on an organised Lion’s Head sunset hike. After a while, she got behind and separated from the group she was with. Determined to reach the summit, despite being on her own with no headlight, Adrienne persisted – and succeeded, thanks to a Good Samaritan called Wesley.
This is what she wrote in her Facebook post which has since gone viral, in which she appealed to people to help her find her Hero:
“Today this man saved my life. Literally. For real. I appreciate him so much!!! His name is Wesley. He found me today scrambling up a hiking trail trying to get to the group that left me behind. It was starting to get dark. I had no headlamps because the event organizer was supposed to provide them.”
“Let me back up… 1/2 way up the trail I disconnected from the group. It was lovely walking peacefully on my own at first, and people were SO NICE, they would ask me do you need water? a snack? Hiker culture is very caring. As I got closer the tone changed. Them: You’re still going up? It’s going to be dark on the way back! Do you have a headlamp? My response to the concerned hikers was always I’m ok, there’s a group waiting for me at the top.”
“The second to last person was upset and told me stories of tourists who have died hiking that trail without proper equipment. I again assured him the event organizer was waiting for me up top. The very last helpful person was Wesley, he asked me some of the same questions, but wasn’t satisfied with my answer.”
“He told his friends go ahead and head back down I’m going back up with her to make sure she finds her friends. So he turned back and hiked back up the last of the route with me. When we arrived to the top the sun was gone and there was not a soul to be found from my group who were supposed to be waiting for me.” 
“So Wesley said give me your bag, and he gave me his headlamp, and we slowly scrambled down together and he made sure I knew were to step and how to safely get down. Halfway down his friends had decided to wait for him, so then the 4 of us finished the hike with 3 headlamps. I could focus on being upset by the coordinator who left me behind.” 
“But I am actually going to focus on three things, 1. I got to see the Lions Head view its gorgeous 2. I always do what I say I’m going to do even when it’s tough, it may take me longer but I am incredibly tenacious and I will literally climb mountains in a dress, slowly but surely and I will finish my goals. 3. I will always remember Wesley who saved my life my last night in Cape Town! More Cape Town pictures to come!”

Facebook came together and managed to track down Wesley (whose full name is Wesley William Billet, and he is hailing from Johannesburg) in a matter of hours.

And Wesley? He didn’t seem to think it was such a big deal. “I simply did what any decent human being would do,” he wrote in a comment below Adrienne’s original post, which has gone viral. “I’m so glad you made it to the top, summiting a second time was so cool for me too, so thank you!”

Well, Wesley, what you did was certainly a very big deal! Thank you for going the extra mile for ensuring a fellow hiker reached her destination and for helping her down to where she started. You are our Lion’s Head Hero of the week!

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