A whole bunch of new adventurers all gathered at the Glentana beach parking area for the adventure of a lifetime,  it was the official launch hike of #Hikers Network Hiking Club in the Eden District#. Young and old were all very excited for this trip, most of them have never visited these coastal caves before, so the adrenalin was pumping.  We made our way to the caves via the beach, clambering over rocks here and there, walking on unspoilt beaches and experiencing what mother nature has to offer us. We also walked past an old shipwreck (the floating dock) that went aground there in 1902. Finally after about 2km we reached the caves, stunning big beautiful caves all formed by the mighty ocean.  A sea cave can take up to a 150 years to form. In some of the caves we visited, stalagmite, stalactite and flowstone formations are still growing. After exploring the caves thoroughly, we enjoyed a little break and then made our way back slowly, before the tide got too high. One must never visit these caves on high tide, you will get trapped in one of the caves because you won’t make it back to the start. Everybody enjoyed themselves fully and had a great day of adventure.

Submitted by: Sinead Hattingh
Hike leaders: Sinead Hattingh


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Faan Herholdt · September 26, 2017 at 11:19 am

Dear friends, please help me to register with your club to go for walks? Thanks a lot!

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