Whenever we hit the great outdoors, we put ourselves at risk. Injuries, rockfall, snakebites, dehydration, heatstroke, hypothermia and getting lost – over and over crime – are genuine risks. Please prepare when you are going out and about.

Basic mountain safety tips

  1. Before you head out, familiarise yourself with the route, terrain, difficulty and expected time required to complete the trail. Buy a map to be sure.
  2. Don’t hike alone. If something happens to you, there won’t be anyone to call for help
  3. Pack a minimum of 2 litres of water, and more when it is hot
  4. In summer: head out early and avoid the mid-day heat.
  5. Pack food
  6. Always pack a windbreaker or rain jacket. The weather on the mountain can change rapidly
  7. Wear adequate hiking shoes and clothing
  8. Avoid hiking in or straight after bad weather if you don’t have the right gear. Hypothermia can be fatal.
  9. Watch the weather and get a proper weather forecast and don’t expect the Cable Car to run (keep an eye on changes here)
  10. Keep the group together and move at the pace of the slowest member.
  11. Always carry a cell phone and know the emergency rescue numbers (see below)
  12. Avoid walking in the dark, but carry a torch just in case you need one.
  13. Join SafetyMountain Tracking

Save these numbers on your phone:  
– Wilderness Search & Rescue:  021 937 0300  
– Table Mountain National Park: 021 957 4700  (fires, fallen trees, cars locked inside the park, etc)
– National Sea Rescue Institute: 021 449 3500  (You may see a vessel in trouble from the trail)
– SA Police: 10111
– City of Cape Town emergency services: 021 480 7700 or 107
– Ambulance service: 021 937 0500 (provincial) & 082911 (Netcare)
Snake handlers: 082 532 5033 (Shaun McCloed) and 082 8860806 (Snake Man)