2016 we say goodbye to you, a fantastic year for our organisation! We are blessed to have made many partnerships, friendships and grown from experiences. We are also blessed to have had a safe year out on our various outdoor projects in the mountains.

We grew as a family in all the various divisions; Safety, People and Conservation, Youth Development, Responding to those needing Rescue, Training, and just enjoying the Outdoors. 2016 was a stepping stone and we intend to do even more and grow in 2017 with the same love and team work.

Our core function is community; the environment, mountain safety and prevention of mountain incidents via our program. Our programs are all driven in this direction and I am proud of this vision and it becoming a reality. It’s a Vision that cannot be realized without our Volunteers; their passion and commitment towards Mountain Rescue, Tracking and leading Hikes. We Thank You.

To all those that assisted in achieving our goals, you are our valuable Volunteers. Our Partners, we say thank you for the relationship and ability to work together towards our goal. We acknowledge the families of our Volunteers that also have to sacrifice and we say Thank You!

To all those that have joined and come along on hikes and events and supported as members of Hikers Network: we say thank you and as we grow, I am sure there will be lots more in 2017!

Nothing is without its challenges and we say thank you for the perseverance of our leadership especially our core executive management paving the way for our for our Volunteers, their inclusion, needs and safety.

The expansion program into the Winelands and Southern Cape has also happened, extending what we are currently doing in the Metropole.

The Youth remains high on our priority list and this will be further expanded in 2017. Youth and Family are the Buzz words for us. Rescue of our youth that find themselves with little alternatives, particularly in the ganglands of the townships. The Enviro Hiking Clubs and Coordinators will continue to work on our new Junior Hiking Club.

The Enviro Hiking groups are active in Mitchells Plain, Bontehuewel, Strandfontein, Nantes/Athlone, Nurses who Care and soon Delft.
We also had a fantastic year end function and rounded the year off with a presentation to those that have made it all possible. Our organisation is unique in its function within the Mountain Community and this requires a very special team.

Wishing you all a prosperous and safe New Year!

Anwaaz Bent

President / The Hikers Network

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