Hikers Network -Junior Hiking Club (HNJHC)

Hikers Network Junior Hiking Club was launched on October 1st 2016 and is the only Junior Hiking Club of its kind in the Western Cape. The club has grown in the last 15 months to approximately 200 members, with ages ranging from 4-12 years. The JHC is comprised from the different Enviro-Groups within Hikers Network, namely,
Hikers Network Hiking Club
Mitchels Plain Enviro Hiking Club
Strandfontein Enviro Hiking Club
Bishop Lavis Enviro Hiking Club
Bonteheuwel Enviro Hiking Club
Kensington Enviro Hiking Club
Hanover Park Enviro Hiking Club

Launch of HNJHC ~ 1 October 2016 ~ Newlands Forest

The JHC’s launch took place at Newlands Forest. We started at the helipad and made our way along the circular route towards the Stonebridge where the children enjoyed some treats and a talk from the president of The Hikers Network president, Anwaaz Bent about the area and its heritage before completing the trail.
Newlands Forest is home to the Volunteer Wildfire Services. The Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) has been combating dangerous and sometimes deadly runaway fires since its birth through the devastating fires in 1999 / 2000 in Cape Town.

WOF Education hike


Aims & Objectives of HNJHC
The chief activity is leading the members and their families along trails and footpaths safely.
To promote friendships and interactions!
Our Junior Members come from different cultures, religions and communities within Cape Town.
To promote fitness and health of our Junior Members through their participation in the clubs activities.
To teach the kids to act responsibly in nature with an emphasis on safety.
To learn about nature
Teaching the members leadership roles

In the upcoming months our goals are to start incorporating mountain skills such as learning how to read maps and use a compass, tying knots, learning about the fynbos in the different areas and continuing to learn about nature.

Tygerberg Nature Reserve
HNJHC has hiked in many areas in and around Cape Town. This hike was a first for the JHC and they did an amazing job covering 14 km! Johan Stapelberg lead this hike with the juniors close at his heals.

Helderberg Hiking Trail – 11 November 2017
Helderberg Nature Reserve is home to a beautiful Biosphere. On this particular day the JHC did the Sugarbird Walk (Yellow trail) and was approximately 2.2 km long. Our Juniors enjoyed this lovely walk away from our regular Table Mountain routes. We enjoyed a lovely picnic together after this awesome hike before parting ways.

Kogelberg Nature Reserve-River Walk
Considered by many to be the most beautiful of CapeNature’s protected areas, Kogelberg Nature Reserve is home to a variety of fynbos. It is also considered the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom. On January 14, 2018 we enjoyed a Back@School hike along the Palmiet River in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. Our Junior Hiking Club members exceeded all our expectations when they completed the 10km River Walk trail. It was a hot day and the area was very exposed. Although we braked often this trail was exhausted for the kids. One thing that kept our spirits up, was knowing the reward! An hour long swim in an area known as the beach. This was a day well spent. Definitely to be visited again!!!

Newlands Forest ~ Carousel Trail
Newlands Forest is home to many amazing trails. On the 27th January 2018 the Junior Hiking club completed the carousel trail. This is not an easy trail. Our Junior Hiking members did an amazing job showing off their improving hiking skills! We are all super proud of them.

Future hike leaders in training!!

Kakapo Shipwreck Trail ~ Noordhoek.
The Cape of Storms was the reason The SS Kakapo, a 665 ton schooner rigged steamship, wrecked on the Noordhook beach in the 1900’s. Today when you take a walk along Noordhoek 8km beach, halfway along, you can clearly see the exposed ribs and engine block of this ship buried in the sand.
The JHC enjoyed a long hike across the beach sand in Noordhoek to the Shipwreck. Followed by a lovely picnic while some kids opted to swim under close supervision!

These are only a handful of amazing hikes that we have enjoyed and completed since the Junior Hiking clubs birth in October 2016. A huge thank you to all the leaders who always avail themselves to assist, your commitment is greatly appreciated by the The Hikers Network

Melissa Walters – Hikers Network Junior Hiking Club Co-ordinator


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  1. Hi i live in the northern suburbs and have a 8 year old son. My wife and my son and me would like to join your hiking club.

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